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Water Resources
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Performance Code - Metadata (6/2/2005) 

Elaine Ruzycki, John Jereczek, Julie Oreskovich
Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota-Duluth
5013 Miller Trunk Highway, Duluth, MN 55811

1. Final Report - PDF 9 MB
2. Draft Website for Water Resource Sections – 3.5 MB (
3. Related Files – 9 MB

4. fGIS – 360 MB.
5. Grand Lake – 162 MB

6. GrandLkWatershed – 640 MB
1. Final Report – Performance Code (PDF 622 kb)

2. Draft Website for Water Resource Sections (
This prototype website was developed to demonstrate how water resource planning tools can be delivered to local planners and decision makers. The Grand Lake, MN watershed was used as an example to illustrate the types of data and resources available to help make informed planning decisions that protect water quality.

3. Related Files

  • Reports
    • MPCA 2000. Caribou, Grand, and Pike Lake Status Report (PDF 1.7 mb)
    • NRRI Microsoft PowerPoint slides
      • Lake Classification
    • Grand Lake Images
    • Lake Modeling Files
    • Spreadsheet files (EXCEL and Quattro Pro)containing known water quality data for Grand Lake from:
      • Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) - 1974-1978 water quality data published in: WLSSD 1979. Suburban lakes water quality report. Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, Duluth, MN 55807. 72 p.
      • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) - 1999 water quality data for Grand Lake collected in 1999.
        • All monitoring data.xls
        • MPCAalldata.xls
        • Standard parameter dat.xls
        • STORET MPCA data.xls
      • Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) -1999 data (Quattro Pro file)

4. FGIS Data Session – John Jerezeck (NRRI and WI DNR) assembled this session to view the Grand Lake Data using the freeware fGIS.

Forestry GIS (fGIS™ is a compact GIS data viewer, digitizer and shapefile editing program for Windows® from the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin DNR - Division of Forestry. Designed for operational field managers like foresters and wildlife biologists, fGIS has essential tools tailored for precision mapping on a desktop computer.

To view the data, open the fgis folder, double click fgis.exe file. Open the file
CD_Drive.ttkgp. The fGIS program does not need to be installed as a program so the files can be copied easily from CD to hard drive (and back again).

5. GRAND LAKE - shape files derived for Grand Lake region without watershed delineation
ArcView Files – Grand Lake data files derived from Vol 1 and 2 (

Project File: Grand Lake.apr


Folders (from CWI – The Computer Well Index; Minnesota Geological Society (MGS)

Glbas95py3full CD, Vol.1 (MnDNR & LMIC)
Glctyrdln3 CD, Vol.1 (MnDNR & LMIC)
Gldlgstln2full CD, Vol.1 (MnDNR & LMIC)
Glgnisxpt3 CD, Vol.1 (MnDNR & LMIC)
Gllakespy2 CD, Vol.1 (MnDNR & LMIC)
Gllandfne2 CD, Vol.1 (MnDNR & LMIC)
Glmajrdln3 CD, Vol.1 (MnDNR & LMIC)
Glnwi2039n MnDNR Data Deli (
Glnwi2139n MnDNR Data Deli
Glnwiclip National Wetlands Inventory
Glparcels MN DNR Hibbing Office Parcel data
Glsoils Digitized from NRCS aerial photos
GIS Files – based on Year 2000 field data collected by:
Jim Gangl, St Louis County Environmental Health, Duluth, MN
House houses located along Grand Lake shoreline
Point_ge generic ARCVIEW file
Septicar septic system leach field locations
Septicta septic system tank locations
Shorelin Grand Lake shoreline
Welladdr well addresses
Wells well point files
Image Files (obtained from the MNDNR Data Deli)
Doq03imq2039 – Independence
Doq03imq2040 – Twig
Doq03imq2139 – Saginaw
Doq03imq2140 – Adolf
Drgncimq2039 - Independence
Drgncimq2040 - Twig
Drgncimq2139 – Saginaw
Drgncimq2140 - Adolf
Grand Lake Township.xls  

6. GrandLkWatershed - this folder contains the Grand Lake data (from folder 1) clipped to the Grand Lake watershed as well as lake bathymetry.