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Adopt your storm drain – Receive a free rake.


Clean your storm drain The City of Duluth is once again this fall asking residents to help keep the storm drains working by cleaning debris off their storm drains as part of the fall clean up. Residents are reminded that with 500 miles of streets and approximately 9000 storm drains, City crews will not be able to keep these drains clean without resident assistance.

Storm drains fill with leaves and debris blown or washed off the property bordering the street. Material that enters the storm drain flows directly to the City’s 42 creeks and streams and ultimately to the St. Louis River and Lake Superior. The EPA has indicated that urban runoff is one of the major sources of surface water pollution. In addition, if the drains are allowed to plug with material icing problems and flooding can occur in the spring. The City would like to remind residents that their curb, gutter or ditch is really the shore of Lake Superior and that what they do matters.

To encourage residents to clean the storm drains the City is making available 200 free rakes, for doing the work. If you are interested in participating in the effort and would like a rake, stop at the Customer Service Center at 520 Garfield Ave. and sign a pledge to adopt a storm drain. The pledges are available in the lobby. Turn in the pledge and you will be given a free rake. One rake to each customer. The City will also provide rakes to volunteer groups interested in doing fall clean up.

Residents are reminded that it is also import to clear ditches and keep culverts open. Call Utility Operations at 730-4130 to report storm drains that are clogged with material that cannot be cleaned from the surface.


October 10, 2006