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All Northshore Streams


Lake Superior Streams Sediment Stressor Investigation.
Hansen, B., Hall, L., Lenhart, C., Nieber, J., and K. Gran. Report to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
[130 MB pdf file]

  Lake Superior - North Watershed Monitoring and Assessment Report.
Sandberg, J., Anderson, J., Lundeen, B., Sather, N., Bourdaghs, M., Vaughan, S., Nerem, K., Jasperson, J., Christopherson, D., Monson, B., Nelson, S., Parson, K., and S. Grayson. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
[13 MB pdf file]

Groundwater Report Lake Superior North Watershed.
Vaughan, S. and J. de Lambert. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
[5 MB pdf file]


Lake Superior Streams Sediment Assessment: Phase I.
Lahti, L., Hansen, B., Nieber, J., and J. Magner. Report to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
[60 MB pdf file]

  Geomorphic Responses of Duluth-Area Streams to the June 2012 Flood, Minnesota.
Fitzpatrick, F.A., Ellison, C.A., Czuba, C.R., Young, B.M., McCool, M.M. and Groten, J.T. USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2016-5104.
[5.9 MB pdf file]

Geomorphic Characteristics and Classification of Duluth-Area Streams, Minnesota.
Fitzpatrick, F.A., Peppler,M.C., DePhilip, M.M. and Lee, K.E.. USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2006-5029.

This includes > 20 streams including, from West to East: Mission Creek, Sargent Creek, U.S. Steel Creek, Morgan Park, Stewart Creek, Lenroot Creek, Knowlton Creek, Kingsbury Creek, 62nd Avenue Creek, Keene Creek, Merritt Creek, Miller Creek, Buckingham Creek, Coffee Creek, Brewery Creek, Greys Creek, Chester Creek, Tischer Creek, 34th to 50th Ave. Creeks, Amity Creek, Lester River.

[ 7.2 MB pdf file ]


Amity, Talmadge, (Big) Sucker, French, Poplar, Brule River Watersheds

An Assessment of Representative Lake Superior Basin Tributaries 2002
Stream Water Quality Assessment Technical Report Series.
Anderson, J., Evenson, M., Estabrooks, T., Wilson B. August 2003.
Environmental Outcomes and Regional Environmental Management Divisions
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
[ 1.4 MB pdf file ]

Flute Reed River

  Flute Reed River Watershed Monitoring Plan (2008 - 2010)
Flute Reed Partnership (FRP), Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), Cook County Soil and Conservation District (SWCD), 2008.
[ 2.5 MB pdf file -or- 9.9 MB Word doc file ]
  Flute Reed Watershed Guide
Flute Reed Partnership, April 2007 Draft.
[ 397 KB pdf file ]
  Flute Reed River Watershed Project
Cook County, September 2001, Lake Superior Basin Planning.
[ Summary ]

Knife River Watershed

  Knife River Watershed Map
[ 80 KB pdf file ]
  Knife River Total Maximum Daily Load
South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District.
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2002 - 2005
  Knife River Watershed Education Project (1996 - 1999)
Great Lakes Basin Program for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
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  Knife River Macroinvertebrate and Sediment Survey
As part of the Knife River TMDL process for turbidity issues, South Saint Louis Soil and Water Conservation District contracted NRRI's Valerie Brady and Dan Breneman to sample stream macroinvertebrates at 5 locations in the Knife River watershed, along with pertinent habitat, water quality, and sediment data. This report was written to interpret the findings and put them in context with other north shore stream invertebrate and sediment data.
[ 1.4 MB pdf file ]
  Assessment of Streambank and Bluff Erosion in the Knife River Watershed
This report describes a study to assess the potential sources of sediment in the Knife River basin located along the north shore of Lake Superior. The Knife River discharges into Lake Superior just south of the city of Two Harbors. The river was placed on the state impaired waters list in 1998, with the impairment being turbidity caused by suspended sediment. The impaired waters listing led to a TMDL study to assess the sources of sediment transported along the main stem of the Knife River. This study has been ongoing with the South St. Louis County Soil and Water Conservation District (SLC-SWCD) since 2004.
[ 0.5 MB pdf file ]
  Knife River Sediment Reduction
This report by the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resouces addresses the steps taken by the South St. Louis Coil & Water Conservation District to restore the water quality of the Knife River and get it off the impaired waters list.
[ 0.6 MB pdf file ]

Poplar River

  Poplar River Turbidity Total Maximum Daily Load:
Summary of Existing Water Quality Data and Information

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5.
[ 1.1 MB pdf file ]
  Slope Stabilization Work Plan For Poplar River Management Board
Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program (NOAA)
January 18, 2007 Draft Report.
[ 3.0 MB pdf file ]
  Summary of E coli test results for the Poplar River 2005 and 2006
Stark, D., September, 2007. Cook County Soil & Water Conservation District.
[ 29 KB pdf file ]
  Poplar River, MN (Cook County) 2006 Automated, in situ, Water Quality Data: Preliminary Analysis
Axler, R., Henneck, J., Ruzycki, E., Will, N. February 20, 2007.
Center for Water & the Environment, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota-Duluth.
[ 0.8 MB pdf file ]

Sucker River Watershed


Sucker River Watershed Map
[ 267 KB pdf file ]

Awareness of watershed issues is key to preventing impacts to the Sucker River. The Fact Sheets below were mailed to residents and users of the Sucker River.

Sucker Series Fact Sheet 1: Introduction to Your Watershed
[ 353 KB pdf file ]

Sucker Series Fact Sheet 2: Role of Forests
[ 435 KB pdf file ]

Sucker Series Fact Sheet 3: Water Runoff and Construction
[ 383 KB pdf file ]

More info is available from South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District.
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