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Poplar River Turbidity Assessment Reports

FINAL - March 24, 2008


PDF File
Final Turbidity Assessment Report 0.4 MB
This report was derived from the information contained in these supporting documents, which were created as part of the TMDL required process:
  Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) 0.6 MB
  Summary of Existing Water Quality Data and Information 1.1 MB
  Evaluation of Existing WEPP Model Output 0.5 MB
  Evaluation of Existing Data 1.5 MB
  Additional Characterization and Estimation of Turbidity Impairment Using WEPP 2006.5 2.7 MB
  Physical Channel Assessment 4.5 MB
  Evaluation of "Paired" Turbidity Measurements 0.1 MB

Combined Reports
(This file contains all of the above documents combined into one (large) file.)
15.6 MB


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