Designated Trout Streams of the
North Shore of Lake Superior

(see also: Duluth Area | South Shore trout streams) 

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Amity Creek
Baptism River
Beaver River
Brule River
Caribou River
Cascade River
E Split Rock River
Encampment River
Flute Reed River

French River
Gooseberry River
Knife River
Lester River
Poplar River
Stewart River
Split Rock River
Sucker Creek
Talmadge River

This is only a partial list of the trout streams along the North Shore of Lake Superior but includes streams that are intensively monitored for flow with seasonal and event-based sampling by MPCA, plus other trout streams that are on the federal/State Impaired Waters List.

Why these streams?
These streams are attractive to trout because they provide all of the elements of good trout habitat including:

Cool water temperature (around 60° F, depending on the species). Water temperature is effected by the amount of paved areas (impervious surfaces) within watersheds. These surfaces soak up the sun's rays, and heat the rainfall that runs into the local streams. When water temperature gets too warm, it can't hold enough oxygen for fish survival.

Coarse stream bed sediments provide hiding places for the insects and other invertebrates that fish eat, and are a place for fish to spawn. Silt runoff from construction and other human activities can clog up these spaces.

These are only a couple of the things necessary for good trout habitat. Check out the links to individual trout species in the green box above to learn more.

Trout streams in the Lake Superior Basin

How many Trout Streams are there in the Superior Basin? How about along the North Shore and South Shore?

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Lake Superior stream data index table

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