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City of Duluth I&I Inspections

Designated Basins

On June 3, 2004, Basin 6 will be designated for mandatory I&I inspections. Basins 1-5 were the first basins inspected in this program.

Inspection Policies

  • Each year the City Council will designate areas of the City for mandatory inspections (Priority areas are neigborhoods where the city is experiencing overflows).
  • Following the inspection, homes found not to be contributing will qualify for a Certificate of Non-Contribution.
  • Homeowners found to be contributing will be required to correct the problem. (disconnect footing drains).
  • In designated areas, grant funding is available to the homeowner to help complete the project.
  • Failure to allow an inspection or failure to disconnect the footing drains in a designated area may result in a $50 surcharge on the homeowner's utility bill.