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1972 flood damage at Brewery Creek 1972 flood damage at Brewery Creek 1972 flood damage at Brewery Creek

General Storm Water Permit Public Notices -

•  MN
•  WI

- City of Duluth Applications
•  2006
•  2013

- City of Superior Applications
 • 2003
 • 2006

Questions about drinking, storm or waste water issues?
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EPA Phase II Stormwater Rulue
During storms, much water runoff enters the storm system from developed areas. The runoff picks up pollutants originating from motor vehicles and lawns and often carries them to streams and lakes. To address this concern, the EPA enacted new regulations in October 1999, known as the EPA Phase II Storm Water Rule.

regional stormwater systems
Follow our link to your community’s website to find out more.

What is I&I?
I&I stands for Inflow and Infiltration. I&I is the process by which clear water enters the sanitary sewer system.

In a long-term effort to promote positive community and individual activities to protect the waters of the region, 16 governments and groups combined in 2003 to form the Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT).

site design toolkit
This “toolkit” includes information associated with a new, comprehensive land planning and engineering design approach that aims to minimize stormwater impacts associated with water quality, hydrology (volume of water and peak flows), water supply, flooding and physical effects.

From June 17th through June 20th 2012, record rainfall caused the biggest flooding event ever recorded in the City of Duluth and surrounding communities. Learn more about the "Solstice Flood", including photo and video tours, agency reports, and other flood-related links.

Resources for Meterologists

Data vignettes: Stream data animations showing examples temperature, turbidity, and conductivity spikes from our data records.

This Week In Water: See how that last week compares with the full range of data collected by our sensors.

Real-time Water Quality Data: Flow rates, water termperature, specific conductivity, and turbidty as recorded by Duluth stream sensors, updated every 15 minutes.

Watch video tutorials on using and customizing the Data Viewer Tools on LakeSuperiorStreams.

Training Modules/Story Ideas: Access high-quality training and on air materials developed in partnership with the AMS, the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), and the EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds.