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Regional Stormwater Protection Team

The Regional Stormwater Protection Team’s mission is to protect and enhance the region's shared water resources through stormwater pollution prevention by providing coordinated educational programs and technical assistance. The goals of this initiative are to foster stormwater pollution prevention as the preferred environmental protection strategy within local and state agencies and to support and promote similar efforts within the private sector.

RSPT is a collaboration between local Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s), partnering agencies and organizations. Only certain MS4s are subject to stormwater regulation under the Clean Water Act based on population density, amount of impervious surface, and the waterbodies that receive the municipality’s stormwater. RSPT is made up of voting (MS4) and non-voting (non-MS4) communities.

Clean Stormwater

RSPT released 3 new public service announcements in 2015.

Soapy Solution

RSPT Bobbers

Longest Yard

RSPT released 3 public service announcements in 2013. Watch them here.




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