Amity Creek Photographs

After checking out the photographs below, you might want to visit the creek itself. You can access hiking trails at:

  • Lester Park at Superior Street and Lester River Road
  • Multiple pull-outs along Occidental Blvd and Seven Bridges Road.

Find trail descriptions and a map at the City of Duluth website.

Shoreline photos

2002 Oblique Photo - click to enlarge
2007 Oblique Photo - click to enlarge

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Click on a thumbnail to enlarge. Toggle between the enlarged 2002 and 2007 images with the left and right arrow keys or by clicking on the left or right side of an image.

These oblique aerial photographs along the north shore and parts of the St. Louis River estuary were collected in 2002 and 2007 with funding through Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program, under Project 306-12-02: Oblique Aerial Photos of St. Louis County's Lake Superior Coast to Enhance GIS Systems

Use the Aerial Photo Viewer to explore the entire North Shore.

Upstream from Jean Duluth Road

Historic image of Bridge #7 on Seven Bridges Rd.
(Image courtesy of

Bridge #6 on Seven Bridges Road

Eroded bank between Bridge #5 and #6

Bridge #5 on Seven Bridges Road

Amity Falls at the "Deeps"

Historic image Amity Falls at the "Deeps"
(Image courtesy of

Historic image Amity Falls at the "Deeps"
(Image courtesy of

Falls in Lester Park

Walking bridge in Lester Park

Snow melt

Summer storm

Mainstem Amity Creek

Photo walk of Amity Creek (2005 and 2006)

On several dates in 2005 and 2006, NRRI, Sea Grant and City staff walked large sections of Amity Creek and photographed potential problem areas that appear likely to generate excessive suspended sediments and turbidity. Here are some results from these surveys.