DataViewer Examples


Here are examples of some of the things you can discover with our Dataviewer applets.

(Go here to try the applets yourself.)


DataViewer example showing how a big rainstorm can create excessive inputs of water to the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District wastewater treatment plant.
DataViewer example showing how a summer rainstorm can actually raise a stream's water temperature high enough to stress trout.
DataViewer example showing how storms affect stream turbidity (muddiness).
Specific Conductivity
DataViewer example showing how quickly roadsalt and other chemicals can be washed from roads and lots into streams.
amity Data Vignettes: Stream data animations showing examples temperature, turbidity, and conductivity spikes from our data records.
This Week in Water this week This Week in Water: See how that last week compares with the full range of data collected by our sensors.