Tischer Creek History

#1 How did the it get its name?

Ursa Tischer moved from the Beaver Bay area to Duluth in 1862 . He built a homestead close to 29th Avenue E and 2nd Street. He logged the timber off for the clearing of Superior Street. The Tischer logging road was used to bring timber to the Tischer landing on Lake Superior at about 29 or 30th Avenue E and the lake. The Tischer landing was used to roll the logs of the cliff and into the lake. It was said to be the best landing on the Lake. The road connected the landing with the Vermilion Trail (which leads to Lake Vermilion) somewhere in the Mount Royal area (close to St. Marie Street and Woodland Avenue).

#2 Where are the headwaters?

The headwaters are south of West Tischer Road and west of the Howard Gnesen Road. There are many little wetlands that contribute to the start of the creek. The watershed map shows the start of the creek. The end (mouth) of the creek is at 32nd Avenue E and Lake Superior. It flows into the Lake just west of the Glensheen Mansion.

#3 When did it become a creek?

After the last glaciers melted, the streams have been cutting their channels into the ground. The lower stretches of the stream have eroded most of the finer clay and gravel down to the bed rock.

#4 More information:

Visit the Duluth Experience website for a great article about the history of Tischer Creek.