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waterfall -- aeration
Photo credit: GoWaterfalling.com


We all love waterfalls whether it be to stare, photograph or play in them. This page can help you plan your trips to see some of the best in the Superior and Great Lakes Basins through some wonderful websites. The founders of World-Waterfalls have assembled an awesome amount of information from around the world and even devised a novel Scenic Rating based on height, scenery, grandeur, volume and width.

Lake Superior



Lake Superior Tour

Upper Gooseberry Falls Devil's Kettle Falls Big Manitou Falls Lake Superior

L to R: Gooseberry, Brule, Black R.
Photo credits: GoWaterfalling.com


North Shore

South Shore

Lake Superior



Great Lakes, USA



World Waterfall Database
(tallest, largest, myths, more photos)

Global List of Waterfalls

waterfall - fish movement
Photo credit: www.whiteriver.net


Waterfall Ecology (in prep)

  • fish movement effects
  • aeration and oxygenation
  • foaming

waterfall -- foaming

Formation, Types and Examples

Formation of a waterfall (from Wikipedia)