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Lakeside Stormwater Project: Results

Stormwater runoff data were collected for Ivanhoe and Kingston streets during 2008. Rain events of 1 to 1.5 inches generated hundreds of thousands of gallons of runoff from each 2-block area. The streets responded to the rain events in a relatively similar manner.

Stormwater runoff from Ivanhoe and Kingston streets after a 1.5 inch rainstorm in June 2008. For comparison, the Ordean Middle School pool holds about 92,000 gallons; 326,000 gallons will cover a football field to a depth of 1 ft.


The spring 2008 stormwater knowledge survey received a great response, with 72% of households taking the survey. Minnesota Conservation Corps volunteers helped with this survey. Download the breakdown of the survey responses, and the survey summary report (July 14 2008, final draft).