Embeddedness measurements, Amity Creek
Riffle Embeddedness measurements

On this aerial photograph the percentage of rock “burial” or embeddedness and the depth of the sediment piles in the stream is shown for each section that we measured. In both cases, higher numbers are worse and indicate poorer habitat for stream bugs and fish adapted to north shore rocky streams.

Notice also in this photograph the amount of land that is not in forest (forest is the darkest, lumpy green). Light green is shrubs or grass. Roads, lawns, fields, and homes are all visible and show how humans have altered the landscape in ways that allow more water to run into Amity Creek during rainstorms and snowmelt.

If you live in Amity Creek's watershed, you can help. Anything that slows runoff of water during storms and snowmelt will help the creek. Perhaps you can install rain barrels, build a little rain garden or rainwater pond, use porous pavement, or be even more innovative.


Amity Creek embeddedness: measurements | image 1 | image 2 | unembedded example