Weber Stream Restoration Initiative: Detailed Intiative Goals

The Weber Stream Restoration Initiative is collaboration with many local agencies. Together they will:

  1. assess the condition of the Lester-Amity watershed,
  2. initiate community education and communication,
  3. design and implement stream restoration projects,
  4. assess the condition of other North Shore streams by developing  partners in the area,
  5. improve stream and watershed monitoring and modeling techniques,
  6. evaluate the demonstration project based on the condition of the Lester-Amity waterways, and 
  7. improve development planning and zoning with new data and tools made available to regional agencies along the entire North Shore.

This effort won’t be successful without you, the people who live in the watershed- whether you live near, or use the streams directly. The Initiative focuses on low-cost solutions that can be put into action with a little neighborly cooperation. What can you do?

Weber Stream Restoration Initiative article in Lake Superior Angler

Read more (1.5 MB .pdf file), courtesy of Lake Superior Angler, the magazine of the Lake Superior Steelhead Ass'n.

  1. Plant trees to shade streams and stabilize banks.
  2. Keep fertilizers and motorized vehicles away from the streams.
  3. Let the grass grow tall along the banks to slow down the rainwater.
  4. Keep sand, grass clippings and leaves, oil and garbage and other pollutants out of street gutters.
  5. Minimize runoff from your property with water gardens and rain barrels.

Volunteer!  Larger groups will be assembled to tackle the bigger projects, so check in to this site often for volunteer events in your watershed. We can send you periodic e-mails about Web site updates. Let us know that you’d like to receive them via the “Contact Us” at the bottom of any page on the site.

Swimming, boating, fishing, relaxing… It’s all about the water.  Let’s understand our role in taking care of it.