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Amity Creek details Everything you want, or need, to know about the watersheds and water quality of Lake Superior's north shore. At least, that is our goal. Find out about Northshore Communities, their trout streams, including real-time data for several - in particular Amity Creek. There are also summaries of watershed data, maps and interactive GIS tools, and other available background information as we find it.

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Site Design Toolkit

Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT) Regional Stormwater Protection Team

In a long-term effort to promote positive activities to protect the waters of the region, 16 government agencies, organizations and other groups combined in 2003 to form the Regional Stormwater Protection Team (RSPT). Their mission: to protect and enhance the region's shared water resources through stormwater pollution prevention by providing coordinated educational programs and technical assistance. The group is now 22 members strong, and growing!

Field Guide for Maintaining Rural Roadside Ditches [3.1 MB pdf]

Written for rural areas in northern Minnesota, this guide offers practical advice and illustrations to hands-on maintenance workers, ditch maintenance contractors and local (township) road supervisors who maintain ditches. These pages contain technical guidance for routine work in the field when there is limited access to survey equipment and other sophisticated tools.


St Anthony Falls Laboratory (UM College of Science & Engineering)