Hermantown, Minnesota

Midway River and its branch, Rocky Run. All of Hermantown drains into the St. Louis River, part through the Cloquet River to the north, part through the Midway River, and part through the streams draining through Duluth: Miller, Merritt, Keene, and Kingsbury Creeks. Hermantown contains significant portions of these Duluth Streams. 60% of the Keene Cr watershed, 31% of the Kingsbury Watershed, 14% of Merritt Cr, and 23% of Miller Creek are within Hermantown.

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Stormwater Information

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Hermantown Streams

St. Louis River
Cloquet River (opens new window to MN DNR site)
Midway River (opens new window to MPCA data page)
Miller Creek
Merritt Creek
Keene Creek