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Duluth, Minnesota lies at the western end of Lake Superior, the source and headwaters of the entire Laurentian Great Lakes ecosystem. Although perhaps better known for extremely cold winters, residents and visitors know it to be a city of forested hills, wetlands and trout streams. With 42 named streams, Duluth has one of the highest densities of stream corridors of any of the over 150 EMPACT- metro areas.

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Duluth Streams Abstract
Press Release
Final Report to the EPA - 2004 (PDF file -- 0.9 MB)
Final Report Appendices (PDF file -- 10.0 MB)
Overview of the project - 2005 (PDF file -- 4.7 MB)
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Duluth Streams Staff

City of Duluth, Minnesota

   City of Duluth

Todd Carlson - Stormwater Program Coordinator
Mindy Granley - Sustainability Officer
Tom Johnson - Stormwater Engineer

University of Minnesota Duluth:

Natural Resources Research Institute

Richard Axler (Emeritus) - Former Project Coordinator (Retired)
Jerry Henneck - Field, Water Quality Sampling, Chemical Data Analysis
Elaine Ruzycki - Field, QA/QC
Tiffany Sprague - Watershed & Stormwater Science; Current Project Coordinator
Jane Reed - Website Design (Red-Pebble Web Design)
Valerie Brady - Aquatic ecology and related Weber Stream Restoration Initiative projects
David Lonsdale - Site Design toolkit BMPs, North Shore Communities sections (2004-5)
George Host (Emeritus) - Former Project Lead, GIS, Data Visualization, Databases (Retired)
Norm Will - Programming, Data Visualization, Website Administration, Website Design

Sea Grant Minnesota

Cindy Hagley (Retired) - Former Co-Project Lead, Outreach & Extension, Site Design, NEMO Link (Retired)
Jesse Schomberg - Co-Project Lead, Hydrologic Modeling, Outreach, NEMO Link
Tiffany Sprague - Stormwater & Watershed Outreach & Extension
Bruce Munson (Emeritus) - Former Co-Project Lead
Carl Richards (Emeritus) - Former Co-Project Lead

UMD Facilities Management

Jonna Korpi - Sustainability Coordinator, Outreach & Education
Erik Larson - Facilities Management, BMPs, Low Impact Design, Stormwater Engineering

U of M Extension

Nate Meyer - Education (2002-2005)

Major Cooperators
MN Pollution Control Agency
Jesse Anderson, Karen Evens, and Tom Estabrooks
MPCA Duluth Office
Stream monitoring data, hydrology, analysis
Western Lake Superior Sanitary District
Joe Mayasich
Western Lake Superior Sanitary District
Water quality analyses
South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District
R.C. Boeheim, Kate Kubiak, Ann Thompsom
South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District
BMP/Site Design Case studies; Restoration Projects
Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program
Amber Westerbur
Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program
Coastal Program Coordination