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Take a tour of the stormwater BMPs found in our region using the Low Impact Development Atlas.

North Shore Community School Rain Gardens Rain Barrels
In September of 2005, the North Shore Community School planted a rain garden to treat runoff from their paved parking area. Students from a Spring Watershed Class, taught by school volunteer Mike Nordin, initiated the project after noticing erosion taking place near the school building.

Glensheen Parking Lot

Grassed Swales Bio- retention Basins
“Dan (Mcclelland) recognized the connection between runoff and shoreline protection, and wanted to protect the integrity of this historic property. Dan wanted to clean up the water, use native plants, and try out a new approach” –R.C. Boheim, South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District Manager

Lakeside Stormwater Reduction
Rain Gardens Rain Barrels

LSRP final report

Project to demonstrate the effectiveness of homeowner BMPs to reduce residential stormwater flows in an older neighborhood.

City of Superior Rain Gardens Rain Gardens Rain Barrels
The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the effectiveness of rain gardens in a region with heavy clay soils, harsh winters, and deep frost.

Poplar River Condominiums Bio- retention Basins
“I worked with Scott on the erosion and sediment control measures for the project, then known as Lutsen East (2000-2001). He was great to work with and installed many innovative measures due to the severe slopes and highly erodible soils on the site. “ - Wayne Seidel

City of Proctor Parking Lot Filter Strips
Proctor's new city hall and community center, located near the banks of Kingsbury Creek, incorporated an innovative design to deal with stormwater runoff from the parking lot and rooftop.

City of LaPointe Rain Gardens
Development of a Stormwater Management plan and a stormwater demonstration project, all in an effort to protect the Lake Superior shoreline and coastal wetlands

City of Grand Marais Site Evaluation
Grand Marais shoreland protection. Conservation easements and carefully planned restrictions on development have been implemented to protect the harbor from overdevelopment.

U of MN - Duluth
Library Parking Lot
Underground Storage
Lot G behind the UMD Library produces stormwater that flows to Tischer Creek – a designated trout stream. The lot was refurbished in 2004 to include an underground “vault” to temporarily store storm parking lot runoff.

St. Germain’s – Diamond-Vogel
Parking Lot
Pervious Pavement
There was a % impervious surface limit on this lot because it is within the Lake Superior coastal zone. See what they did.

East Ridge Community Church

Bio- retention Basins   Rain Gardens
east ridge church
The congregation wanted to protect the nearby creek, improve the appearance of their parking lot, and help educate people.