This section of the Lake Superior Streams website is designed to provide information relevant to northland region contractors and related businesses, but should also be of interest and use to agency staff, consulting firms and businesses and individuals that are responsible for the actions of hired contractors.

Contractor Erosion and Sediment Control Training

Ten to more than a hundred times the polluting sediment can be washed into our streams and lakes from construction sites that are not properly protected or if their erosion and sediment control measures aren't maintained. This section includes links to current rules, guidelines, and local, regional and state sources of information to specifically help contractors.

Northeast Minnesota
characteristics include:

  • Clayey soils
  • Poor quality topsoil
  • Steep slopes
  • Shallow depth to bedrock
  • Abundant wetlands, streams and lakes

Contractor Training

is critical to pollution prevention. Here's who has attended local training workshops ""