Other Local Examples of Pervious Pavement

Tejas Texas Grill & Saloon

4702 Miller Trunk Highway
Hermantown, MN 55811

The small parking and sidewalk areas are pervious pavement.

Hartley Nature Center installed a pervious “Grasspave2” plastic grid system for new parking spots and “Enviropave” spacer system for their entrance walkway and emergency access. This system uses a plastic spacer that allows brick pavers to be positioned 1” apart. Permeable gravel and/or soil is placed between the pavers. The bricks carry the load and the spacers maintain the spaces between bricks, where grass or other vegetation can grow.

Hartley also used the Grass Pave system for additional parking spaces as a potential educational opportunity for interested visitors. Unfortunately they had drainage problems because they restricted water percolation by using Class 5 limestone learned the hard way how important the choice of material is for underlaying and filling spaces in pervious systems. They used Class 5 limestone for some of the underlayment and for covering the grid system. Read their Final Report (59 KB pdf file - new window).

The University of Minnesota-Duluth has been converting
unnecessary impervious walkways to pervious surfaces.

path before path after
sidewalk before

sidewalk after