Case Study: Poplar River Condominiums

Poplar River Condominiums
Lutsen Resort
Lutsen, MN


“We’re here for the long haul”
”If it costs a little more, that’s OK”
“It’s the right thing to do”
“It helps to work with people that are thoughtful and observant”
“It’s all working well”
- Scott Harrison, President of Lutsen Resort Co. “I worked with Scott on the erosion and sediment control measures for the project, then known as Lutsen East (2000-2001). He was great to work with and installed many innovative measures due to the severe slopes and highly erodible soils on the site. “
The developer took the initiative and on his own implemented some good features to protect the site (paraphrase)
- Wayne Seidel, Cook and Lake County SWCD and University of Minnesota Extension Service Features:
 • Storm water detention basin
 • Secondary detention basin by raising culvert inlet height
 • Flow diverters and gutters on pavement to direct runoff to non-erosive outlets
 • Rock waterway for roof runoff
 • All regular erosion control techniques used: silt fences, mulches, seeding, erosion control blankets
 • Constructed Wetland sewage treatment system

A detention basin in an old gully traps sediment and reduces velocity of runoff through development. This gully used to carry runoff from above the highway, but water was diverted when the highway was built, leaving the gully much drier.

Asphalt apron prevents erosion as water drains off of driveway and parking areas down a steep slope