Large Lakes Observatory Buoy 1 (nearshore)

LLO Buoy 2 is located roughly 10 miles NE of Duluth and 10 miles offshore of the McQuade Harbor. Click here to plot the data from the Offshore Buoy #2 (LLO2).


You can visit the buoy's website to see additional buoy data.


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LLO1 buoy data Plotter

Note: These data should be considered provisional and subject to change.


Click here to plot the data from the Offshore Buoy #2 (LLO2).


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Deploying the LLO buoy in 2008

In 2019 this meteorological buoy (LLO1) was again deployed roughly 10 miles northeast of Duluth, about 1 mile offshore of the McQuade Harbor.

The focus of the research is on developing a better understanding of the thermal structure of Lake Superior, how it varies across the lake, and how it varies from year to year.

Deployment Dates:
2008: 16Jun - 28Oct
2009: 28May - 16Nov
2010: 16Jun - 24Nov
2011: 12Apr - 09Nov
2012: 18Jun - 13Nov
2013: 07May - 30Oct
2014: 18Jun - 13Sep
2015: 15May - 05Nov
2016: 14Apr - 25Oct
2017: 09May - 07Nov
2018: 03May - 04Nov
2019: 17May - 19Nov

Visit the buoy's website for the latest data.

Find out more about the other buoys, and research efforts on Lake Superior and Great Lakes around the world at the U. of Minnesota-Duluth's Large Lakes Observatory.