Lakeside Stormwater Project: Study Design

Study Area
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The aerial photograph shows the three study streets outlined in yellow, with yellow arrows showing stormwater flow into storm sewer drains (blue points). Red dots show stormwater discharge points – many of the ultimate discharge points are into ditches and tributaries that lead to Amity Creek.

One street (Idlewild) will be the focus of stormwater runoff reduction treatments (photos / description). The other two streets (Kingston and Ivanhoe) will serve as scientific "controls" (reference areas) for the study. By measuring stormwater runoff amounts in the storm sewers on all three streets before and after treatments are installed, we will be able to estimate how much stormwater runoff is being reduced by our work with homeowners. Monitoring measurements include: flow, turbidity (muddiness), conductivity (saltiness), and temperature. Find out more about where we monitor and how we monitor.

All three streets are equally important in this study because without having control areas (on which nothing is done about stormwater), we would not be able to statistically prove whether or not the treatments actually work.