No matter where you live in Duluth, Minnesota, fishing opportunities are nearby.

Be sure to check the DNR Fishing Regulations and Upstream Posted Boundaries/Fish Sanctuaries before you go.

Fish consumption advisories exist for Miller Creek, the St. Louis River and Lake Superior. Click here to learn more.

Angling Opportunities For Kids

Fishing Spots on Duluth Trout Streams

1. Lester River: The entire stream from Lester Park Golf Course down to the lake provides angling opportunity (young steelhead and occasional brown or brook trout). This stream also seasonally ( spring and fall ) receives runs of large adult salmon, steelhead, and kamloops rainbow from Lake Superior, however; young fish of these species are protected. Fishing regulations can be viewed at the Minnesota DNR.

2. Amity Creek: This tributary of Lester River has water accessible to the large lake run fish only in Lester Park. Wild brook trout and young steelhead are present along seven bridges road and near Jean Duluth Road.

3. Tischer Creek (Also known as Congdon or Hartley Creek): seasonally has lake run fish up to the falls near Glensheen Mansion at London Road. Good brook trout fishing spots include Congdon park between Superior St. and St. Marie, and in Hartley Nature Center.

4. Chester Creek: Only a very short portion downstream of Interstate 35 (off the lakewalk) seasonally may contain lake run fish. Upstream, the Chester Bowl area provides good fishing and is stocked with brown trout. Wild brook trout are present near The College of Saint Scholastica.

5. Miller Creek: Fishing spots for wild brook trout include Lincoln Park, Lake Superior college campus and the Chambersburg area.

6. Buckingham Creek: Brook trout are present from the Enger Park Golf Course downstream. The Upper Twin Pond at Skyline Drive is annually stocked with rainbow trout.

7. Keene Creek: Good wild brook trout fishing can be found around Keene Creek Park at Grand Ave. and at Skyline Drive and upstream.

8. Kingsbury Creek: Rumors persist regarding a possible lake run of trout or salmon into the lower portion of this stream below and right up to the Duluth Zoo. Good brown trout fishing spots are the Munger trail crossing, and along the city trail above the zoo.

9. Sargent Creek: Brook fishing can be found around the Munger Trail and skyline drive crossings.

10. Mission Creek: Fishing is limited to seasonal large lake run fish at the mouth of the stream.

** Harvest of trout and salmon especially below the posted boundaries on these streams is regulated by MNDNR. Seasons, limits and minimum sizes vary by location and species. Fishing regulations can be viewed at the Minnesota DNR.