Miller Creek TMDL

A Creek Under Stress

Miller Creek is on the State & Federal Impaired Waters List and suffers from rising temperatures, high sediment and turbidity levels, elevated levels of chlorides (from road salt), and elevated levels of mercury in fish tissue. Since 1998 when a Joint Powers Agreement was signed between Duluth and Hermantown (expired in 2005) and the Miller Creek Task Force was formed, a number of studies have investigated the causes for these problems and there has been considerable volunteer and agency work to try and prevent further degradation although intense development continues in the upper watershed. A TMDL study began in early 2007 and 3 years of monitoring were completed in the fall of 2009. In 2015 a plan was completed and accepted.

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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Draft Water Temperature TMDL and Public Comment

Miller Mail

The Miller Mail Summer 2009 newsletter includes updates on the Miller Creek TMDL plan.


Miller Creek Total Maximum Daily Load

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Miller Creek Total Maximum Daily Load

South St. Louis County SWCD

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Urban Trout in Trouble



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